Developing WinRT Apps for Windows 8 - On Demand

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Presented by Kevin Stumpf & Danny Warren

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Windows 8 has emerged as the next generation operating system. Unique to Windows 8 is the ability to run legacy desktop applications as well as brand new Windows Store Apps. These new Apps are dependent on the state of the art WinRT API, which grants simplified access to core OS features. These features provide massive power to developers to create unique Apps in ways never before thought possible.

In this event WinRT experts Kevin Stumpf and Danny Warren will show you everything you need to know to develop your own WinRT apps and leverage Windows 8’s powerful new APIs. First they will ramp you up on the fundamentals of WinRT development, then walk you through the basic necessities of every application, and finally they will explain some of Windows 8’s coolest features such as Live Tiles and contracts.


Session 1: Ramp up on Effective WinRT Development

Danny will begin this session by priming you with the latest revolutionary changes that have come in Windows 8. Walking you through Microsoft’s latest brain child, he’ll ensure you understand the fundamental differences between Windows 8 and its ancient predecessors.

After a quick recap of C# 5’s async/await pattern, Kevin will teach you everything you need to know about the entirely redesigned application security that is mainly driven by capabilities. Afterwards he’ll dive into the highly asynchronous WinRT API and discuss its intuitive structure and essential features by developing a multimedia showcase app on the fly.


Session 2: Application Lifecycle and Navigation Model with a Touch of Live Tiles

While in Windows 8’s predecessors your app could only be running or not running, in WinRT there are now a plethora of application states. Danny will walk you through the many new application states: launching, activating, suspending and terminating. He’ll teach you how to handle those states without losing any of your user’s precious data. In addition he will show you how to use the new navigation model.

Kevin will close this session by teaching your how to leverage one of WinRT’s coolest and most talked about features: Live Tiles.


Session 3: Share, Search, and Settings Contracts

By opting into Windows 8’s Charm Bar you can easily add magic to your application. Kevin will show you how the share contract enables you to effectively decouple your application from others, yet allowing you to share arbitrary data with more applications than ever before.

Danny will then teach you how your application can seamlessly integrate into Windows 8’s revolutionized search mechanism. He’ll also demonstrate how the settings contract standardizes how users can customize their applications.



Kevin Stumpf works as a Senior Software Engineer for Interknowlogy and holds a B.Sc. in Business Informatics. He is native of Germany and moved to beautiful San Diego in January 2012.In his current role at Interknowlogy, Kevin develops various enterprise WinRT and WPF applications and speaks at multiple events. He is passionate about clean code and the design of scalable software architectures. In recent years he has eagerly followed the latest advancements in the Web world and enjoyed developing different HTML5 / JS applications. Besides his passion for writing code, he writes blog posts about WinRT / WPF and architecture related topics. In addition, he is currently developing a development framework for WinRT, which enables developers to comfortably engineer MVVM applications for Windows 8. Prior to his arrival in the USA, he worked as an independent Software Consultant and WPF Coach since 2007 in several different cities in Germany and Austria.

Danny Warren is a Software Engineer at InterKnowlogy in Carlsbad, CA. Danny began acquiring his expertise in software engineering and .NET at Neumont University in Salt Lake City, Utah where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Danny’s passion for technology has led him throughout the Microsoft Stack including WPF, Silverlight, WCF, Windows Phone 7, and the Microsoft Surface. Danny has an expertise in NUI (The Natural User Interface) having built numerous multi-touch and gesture based interfaces for software applications across a broad spectrum of devices. Currently his passion includes building Metro/WinRT Applications for Windows 8 driven by gesture based interface with the Microsoft Kinect. Danny is a Microsoft Certified Professional Developer, obtaining certification in .NET 4. When not building beautiful software, Danny is an outdoorsman and family man. He loves to camp, hike and mountain bike. Follow him on twitter @dannydwarren


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