During Build 2016 Microsoft introduced us to their Bots Framework and Conversation as a Platform as a way to engage with customers in multiple customer service related scenarios to accomplish routine tasks.

In the year since then bots have become even more integrated into our daily experience and while many are of the fun to use persuasion, many are now being used in the front lines of customer service and other inquiries to get customers quick access to information. If necessary, these bots can even escalate the issue to a real person for further resolution/support.

We are now less than one month away from the 2017 version of Microsoft's annual Build developers conference and while there is no publicly available agenda as of today, I imagine Microsoft will be hosting some sessions to follow up on their bot strategy and updates from the last 12 months.

In the interim, I just discovered a video series on Channel 9 that highlights how one company created a bot based service that goes well beyond the basic capabilities of input recognition and spitting out a standard text based file.

The four part video shows off the bot and then gets into how it was developed and how they tied it into existing data sources and other services like Azure, Cognitive Services, and the Bot Framework.

-- Intelligent Customer Care with Bots - Part 1: Introduction

-- Intelligent Customer Care with Bots - Part 2: Building a bot

-- Intelligent Customer Care with Bots - Part 3: Channels

-- Intelligent Customer Care with Bots - Part 4: Cognitive Services

We will be on site in Seattle for Build 2017 so stay tuned to DevPro for news and coverage of the conference.


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