Wallace B. McClure

Wallace B.

Wallace B. "Wally" McClure is a Xamarin MVP, Xamarin Insider, Microsoft MVP,  ASPInsider, member of the national INETA Speakers Bureau, author of 10 programming books, and a partner in Scalable Development. He blogs at www.morewally.com and co-hosts the ASP.NET Podcast. Find Wally on LinkedIn and Twitter: @wbm.

white stairs without rail leading to open white door, blue sky through door
How to Advance Your Software Development Career: Sharpen Your "Soft" Business Skills
Wallace B. "Wally" McClure schools software developers in the nontechnical side of moving ahead in a technology career: Figure out how to add value to the company you work for, learn to negotiate, and get comfortable with interpersonal communications.
business chart with arrow bounding upwards
How to Market Your Software Business: A Guide for Developers 1
Follow this sensible advice from Wallace B. "Wally" McClure to improve your self-marketing skills and successfully market your software development expertise.
three road signs, one with question mark, other two with opposite facing arrows
The Business of Development: Guidance for Professional Software Developers
Wallace B. McClure introduces an article series to help software developers understand software business development, covering topics such as working with a startup and the benefits of marketing yourself and your company.
multicolored blocks reading APP
Build an iPad Application Using MonoTouch, C#, and .NET
MonoTouch iOS app development tutorial: Wallace B. McClure explains how .NET C# developers can target their iOS apps for the iPad.
black iPhone laying on white background
Working with Images and Animation on the iPhone and iPad with .NET and C#: Part 2
Use these coding techniques to add animation to apps and edit videos in iOS (iPhone and iPad) using the Xamarin MonoTouch C# platform.
black iPhone laying on white background
Working with Images and Animation on the iPhone and iPad with .NET and C#: Part 1
Add photo and animation features to your iPhone and iPad apps, using Xamarin's MonoTouch C# iOS development platform.
Man on track in running gear, jumping over hurdle
Start Using HTML5 in Your Web Apps -- Today!
You can build HTML5 ASP.NET web applications, such as a sample file upload app, using Modernizr, jQuery, polyfills, and other resources.
Three letter blocks spelling out 'APP'
Introduction to HTML5 for Mobile App Development
In this HTML5 for mobile app development tutorial, you'll learn how to start building HTML5 web apps with jQuery and jQuery Mobile.
two lane road seeming to stretch to the clouds
Build Mapping and Location Services into Your MonoTouch iPhone Apps
Wallace B. "Wally" McClure explains how to add mapping and location awareness to iPhone mobile apps developed with the MonoTouch iOS development environment, using the Apple iOS Map Kit and Core Location frameworks. Includes a sample MonoTouch C# iOS application.
Hand touching a purple virtual keyboard
MonoTouch Tutorial: Display Tabular Data in iPhone and iPad Apps
If you're building an iOS app using Xamarin's MonoTouch .NET and C# development platform, you need to know how to work with data in iPhone and iPad apps. In this article, Wallace B. "Wally" McClure explains first how to display tabular data in an iOS app using a UITableView, then how to retrieve data using WCF or REST-based web services, SQLite, or SQL Server.
Blue key with white text 'Development'
HTML5 for the ASP.NET Developer 2
The latest version of the HTML web specification, HTML5, includes new HTML tags such as nav, video, and audio; new input controls and attributes; and standards for JavaScript and CSS that greatly expand website development options. Wallace B "Wally" McClure describes how ASP.NET developers can capitalize on some of the best new features in HTML5.
large cumulonimbus cloud with flattened top
I'm Hooked on the Cloud
Microsoft MVP Wally McClure believes Windows Azure is the answer to many developer challenges.
hand with pointer finger touching screen of digital tablet
Guide to Building iOS Applications with MonoTouch for the .NET/C# Developer
NET developers can build native iOS applications using their C# programming skills and Novell's open source MonoTouch development platforms.
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