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Dan Wahlin is a Microsoft Regional Director and MVP. He founded the The Wahlin Group, which specializes in .NET, Silverlight, HTML5, jQuery, and SharePoint consulting and training solutions. He also blogs at Dan Wahlin's WebLog.

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Get Started Building Windows Store XAML/C# Apps
If you are starting to develop Windows Store applications, your existing XAML and C# skills can make the transition to Windows 8 app development easier. Dan Wahlin explains the basics of building a Windows Store app using Visual Studio 2012.
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Build Enterprise-Scale JavaScript Applications with TypeScript
Use Microsoft's Typescript and Visual Studio 2012 to build more reusable and maintainable JavaScript web applications.
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Improve Your JavaScript Coding with Data-Oriented Programming
Learn how data-oriented programming using a data-binding framework like KnockoutJS can make your JavaScript coding more efficient.
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Moving from Server-Side to Client-Side Web Development 2
Dan Wahlin gives key points when deciding whether to move server-side web application code to the client and discusses data-binding techniques for client-side applications.
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Explore the New World of JavaScript-Focused Client-Side Web Development
Here are the essential client-side scripting tools you will need -- jQuery, jQuery Mobile, Modernizer, and more -- to build JavaScript web apps.
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Working with CSS Media Queries and Media Types, Part 2
For a more responsive design, add CSS media queries to ensure that a website displays properly on mobile devices with various screen sizes.
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Working with CSS Media Queries and Media Types, Part 1
Dan Wahlin explains how you can use CSS media types and media queries to make your web applications' design more responsive and easily adjust to different device-screen sizes.
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Structuring jQuery Ajax Calls in Web Applications 1
Using encapsulated JavaScript objects for Ajax calls in your web application development can make code more reusable.
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4 More Web Development Tips to Improve Your jQuery Coding 2
Use these four jQuery web development tips and tricks to improve your software development productivity.
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5 Web Development Tips to Improve Your jQuery Coding
Dan Wahlin shares some useful techniques he's learned that can help you enhance your jQuery-enabled web applications and make your coding more productive.
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How to Work with JavaScript's Prototyping Patterns
Use the JavaScript prototype property along with two JavaScript patterns to make your JavaScript code better structured and more extensible.
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Meet JsRender -- the Next Version of jQuery Templates 1
Dan Wahlin explains how to use JsRender, a jQuery Templates replacement, to help reduce the amount of JavaScript coding in an HTML5 web app.
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HTML5 and CSS3 Feature Detection with Modernizr
Dan Wahlin explains how the Modernizr script library helps meet this need, by letting you add checks for different HTML5/CSS3 features into your pages, so that your app can more easily accommodate variations in browsers' feature support.
Why I’m Excited About Microsoft Windows 8
Dan Wahlin shares why he's excited about Microsoft Windows 8, the new Metro user interface (UI), and WinRT.
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How to Build a jQuery HTML5 Web Application with Client-Side Coding
Dan Wahlin explains client-side coding for the Account at a Glance application, using JavaScript, JSON, jQuery, and HTML5 to render tiles based on HTML templates and retrieve data from the server into the tiles.
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