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Brian Mains is a Microsoft MVP and consultant with Computer Aid, where he works with nonprofit and state government organizations.

How to Use ASP.NET MVC 4 Display Modes in Mobile Web Apps
The display modes feature in ASP.NET MVC 4 helps with web browser detection in mobile web applications. Brian Mains demonstrates how to use display modes in MVC 4 to create both a desktop browser view and an alternative mobile view for a web app, providing code examples and a downloadable demo web application.
Mobile Development Options for .NET Developers
Brian Mains helps you sort through mobile development options by running down some of the most popular tools and frameworks available for handling mobile-device detection, designing responsive websites, and building mobile websites and native mobile applications.
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Using MVVM in JavaScript with Knockout
Use the KnockoutJS JavaScript library to streamline UI coding in web application development, taking advantage of MVVM and JavaScript.
Get Started Using jQuery Mobile for Mobile Web Development
jQuery Mobile tutorial: Use jQuery Mobile in mobile web development to tailor a mobile UI for diverse devices (e.g., tablets, smartphones).
Application Architecture Design Using Microsoft's Entity Framework
Brian Mains guides you in developing a database-access application architecture using the framework, first introducing Entity Framework's ObjectContext, which handles much of the database work in an app, and then exploring basic techniques for working with the ObjectContext, patterns used to access database data, how to establish a link to the repository, and querying approaches.
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Using ASP.NET Web Pages with the Razor View Engine
Walk through using ASP.NET Web Pages with the ASP.NET Razor view engine for ASP.NET website development. Sample ASP.NET sample code is included.
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Using Unobtrusive JavaScript in ASP.NET Applications
Website developers are increasingly turning to client-side technologies such as JavaScript for building their web applications, but sometimes problematic issues can occur when using JavaScript in applications. Brian Mains explains how to use a technique called Unobtrusive JavaScript to mitigate such problems.
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Working with the ASP.NET MVC 3 Razor View Engine
The new Razor view engine, part of ASP.NET MVC 3, simplifies website development by providing a new inline syntax that's flexible yet compact. Brain Mains compares Razor to the MVC view engine and demonstrating how to work with it.
Demystifying Entity Framework 4
Entity Framework (EF) is Microsoft's main object relational mapping (ORM) tool for .NET developers, and the successor to LINQ to SQL--so it's a good time to start working with Entity Framework if you've been putting it off. Brian Mains provides a hands-on introduction to working with EF4, showing you how to create a sample model, generate code, create database queries, and perform CRUD operations.
Despite Shortcomings, Entity Framework's Future Is Bright
Entity Framework has shortcomings, but as Brian Mains notes, it has come a long way since version one. And with all of its latest add-ons, Entity Framework is paving the way for its future as an excellent ORM.
Working with WebFormsMvp 3
Improve your ASP.NET Web Forms application coding by using the WebFormsMvp framework, based on the MVP pattern. Brian Mains walks you through an example application to show you how.
Create Custom Validation Components in ASP.NET MVC 2
Learn how client-side and server-side validation work in ASP.NET MVC 2, and follow the examples to create your own customized validation components.
6 Reasons Why jQuery Is a Great Framework 2
Check out 6 things that make jQuery the “Swiss army knife” developers need to stay ahead of the game.
Add to Your ASP.NET MVC Toolkit: Part II
Enhance what you can do in ASP.NET MVC with the Telerik MVC control suite. In this two-part series, Brian Mains explores four controls: Grid, PanelBar, Menu, and TabStrip. This first article looked at the Grid control, as well as the ScriptRegistrar and StylesheetRegistrar, two components Telerik created to manage style sheets and scripts. This second article looks at the PanelBar, Menu, and TabStrip controls.
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How to Use the Facebook Connect API in an ASP.NET Web Application 2
Learn to use Facebook tools, XFBML tags, and APIs to build social networking capabilities into your ASP.NET web applications.
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